Manual Extracts 

1.01.0022 (released: 2016-03-01)


User guide:
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The Manual Extracts bridge allows you to export your student data into Principalm, Teacherpalm and a variety of other products.

This bridge requires an OS of Windows XP or greater, Windows Server 2003 or greater.

Known Issues

  • Does not Support the following (as of 1.01.0005):
    • #column
    • #pragma nameformat
    • #pragma quotes
    • Lookup Tables (LutKey)
    • Fixed Value new column ($=)
    • Fixed Value (=)
    • Remove Value Fields (!)
    • Concatenate Fields (+)
    • Ignore Lines (^)
    • Ignore Lines if not Value (?)
    • Remove Field if Another Field is Blank (~)
    • Fixed Length Field Import (we will never support this)
    • Remove All Occurrences of Substring in Field (-)
    • Remove All Occurrences of Any Character in Field (%)
    • Remove Leading Occurrences of Any Character in Field ({)
    • Remove Trailing Occurrences of Any Character in Field (})

If any of these elements above are not working for your bridge, let our support department know and we will update the bridge accordingly.

Many of these elements are no longer used by our more recent bridges.


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Last updated 2016-03-01.