eSchoolData (Vendor) (released: 2011-04-04)


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The eSchoolData (Vendor) bridge allows you to export your student data into Principalm, Teacherpalm and a variety of other products.

This bridge requires Principalm version 7.5.0 or greater.

Known Issues

To use eSchoolData with our products, you will need to install the Manual Extract Bridge, SIS Liberty, and the appropriate Product Provider. Please see the SIS Liberty and Manual Extract documentation for more information.

The eSchoolData manual is currently out of date, but the steps inside still provides enough information to extract your data.

SIS Vendor Software

Contemporary Computer Services Inc. provides the connection software required to transfer your school information from eSchoolData to Principalm.

Please contact Contemporary Computer Services Inc. for the latest version of the connection software.


Discovery Software provides support for any software downloaded from this page.

Last updated 2011-04-04.