Bridge listing  

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ADM2000 (Vendor) 1.0

By Harris Computer Systems 2006-06-23 vendor done

Administrator's Plus (Manual Extracts)

By Rediker Software 2008-08-08 export done

Aeries (Data Extractor)

By Eagle Software 2014-10-30 extractor done

BCeSIS (Manual Extracts)

By aal 2014-12-10 export done

CENTRE/SIS (Data Extractor)

By Miller Group 2007-04-19 extractor done

CIMS-Canada (Vendor) 1.1

By Take Two 2004-08-31 unknown done

CIMS-USA (Report Reader)

By NCS Pearson 2008-08-21 vendor done

Complete School (Vendor) 1.0

By Digitronics 2006-08-04 vendor done

DASL (Data Extractor)

By OECN 2014-10-30 extractor done

Data Pro (Vendor)

By Dadavan Systems 2005-10-17 vendor done

Education Edge (Data Extractor)

By Blackbaud Software 2014-05-14 acorn done

eSchoolData (Vendor)

By Contemporary Computer Services Inc (CCSI) 2011-04-04 vendor done

eSIS (Data Extractor)

By aal 2014-05-14 extractor done

eSIS (Manual Extracts)

By aal 2005-11-18 unknown done

Genesis (Data Extractor)

By Genesis Educational Services 2014-12-23 extractor done

Harmony (Data Extractor)

By Logic Key Inc 2008-02-20 extractor done

ImageCD (Manual Extract)

By Lifetouch 2005-12-22 export done

ImageStream CD (Manual Export)

By Lifetouch 2009-11-11 export done

Infinite Campus (Data Extractor)

By Infinite Campus 2014-10-30 extractor done

Infinite Campus (Manual Extracts)

By Infinite Campus 2014-09-04 export done

iPASS (Report Reader)

By Information Marketing Group 2005-12-15 unknown done

iTCCS (Data Extractor)

By Texas Computer Cooperative 2013-10-08 extractor done

JMC (Manual Extracts)

By JMC Inc. 2011-09-12 export done

JMC SQL (Data Extractor)

By JMC Inc. 2013-10-03 extractor done

KRESA (Manual Extracts)

By KRESA 2005-09-29 unknown done

Mac School (Data Extractor)

By NCS Pearson 2008-02-19 extractor done

Manual Extracts 1.01.0022

By Discovery Software 2016-03-01 unknown done

Maplewood (Manual Extract) 1.0

By Maplewood Computing 2004-06-15 export done

MMS (Data Extractor)

By Computer Resources, LLC 2014-05-14 extractor done

MyEdBC (Manual Extracts)

By MyEdBC 2016-04-15 unknown done

NCWise (Manual Extracts)

By aal 2007-12-07 export done

OneCall Connect (Data Transporter) 1.3

By OneCallNow 2008-05-27 unknown done

Outcomes (Manual Extracts)

By Dadavan Systems 2008-01-30 export done

Pentamation eSchoolPLUS (Data Extractor)

By SunGard Pentamation Inc. 2014-05-14 unknown done

Pentamation StudentPLUS / Open Series (Data Extractor)

By SunGard Pentamation Inc. 2013-10-3 extractor done

Pinnacle SIS (Data Extractor)

By Global Scholar 2010-08-04 extractor done

POISE (Manual Extracts)

By Campus America 2005-09-15 unknown done

PowerSchool (Reports)

By NCS Pearson 2005-08-26 unknown done

PowerSchool Premier (Data Extractor)

By NCS Pearson 2015-06-12 unknown done

PowerSchool SMS (Data Extractor)

By NCS Pearson 2014-08-27 extractor done

RSCCC (Vendor)

By Texas Computer Cooperative 2007-10-25 vendor done

SAS (Vendor) 1.0.1

By SRB Education Solutions 2004-11-08 unknown done

SASI (Data Extractor)

By NCS Pearson 2014-05-14 extractor done

School Minder (Data Extractor)

By Hunter Systems 2008-02-13 extractor done

School Office (Data Extractor)

By SDS 2014-05-14 unknown done

Schoolmaster (Vendor)

By Tyler Technologies 2013-05-13 vendor done

SchoolMAX (Data Extractor)

By Maximus 2014-11-20 extractor done (Data Extractor)

By Mindex Software 2014-05-14 extractor done

SchoolWare (Vendor)

By Sun Valley Systems, Inc. 2005-12-16 unknown done

Silk/Keystone SIS (Data Extractor)

By ExLogica, Inc. 2006-09-13 extractor done

SIMS (Data Extractor)

By ESU #3 (Nebraska) 2007-10-17 extractor done

SIMS (NC) (Report Reader)

By North Carolina Department of Public Instruction 2007-06-05 reader done

SIRS/SchoolLogic (Data Extractor)

By MIG 2014-01-13 extractor done

SIS2000 (Data Extractor)

By Utah State 2014-05-14 unknown done

SISWin (Data Extractor)

By Tyler Technologies 2014-05-14 extractor done

Skyward (Data Extractor)

By Skyward, Inc. 2013-10-03 extractor done

Skyward (Report Reader) 2.0

By Skyward, Inc. 2005-05-31 unknown done

Skyward (Washington State)

By Skyward, Inc. 2010-06-02 export done

StarBase (Data Extractor)

By Century Consultants 2010-08-17 extractor done

STI (Data Extractor)

By Software Technology, Inc. 2007-09-05 extractor done

studentSphere (Vendor) 2.0

By Tenex 2005-01-31 vendor done

Synergy (Edupoint)

By Edupoint Education 2014-01-10 extractor done

TERMS (Manual Extracts)

By Crosspointe Schools Online 2008-12-10 export done

The School Administrator (Data Extractor)

By Trevlac 2010-06-03 extractor done

Trillium (Data Extractor)

By SRB Education Solutions 2015-05-20 extractor done

Trillium - Mobile Administrator 1.0 (Vendor)

By SRB Education Solutions 2005-09-15 unknown done

Trillium - Mobile Administrator 2 (Vendor)

By SRB Education Solutions 2007-10-19 export done

TSIS2 (Data Extractor)

By TIES 2014-11-20 extractor done

TSS (Report Reader)

By NCS Pearson 2004-03-31 unknown done

Turbo-School (Vendor) 1.0.0

By TCS Developments, Inc. 2004-06-01 vendor done

Web2School (Data Extractor)

By Wicked Good Software 2011-02-03 extractor done

Win School - ASCII Transfer (Manual Extracts)

By NCS Pearson 2006-03-06 unknown done

Win School - Universal Access (Data Extractor)

By NCS Pearson 2008-01-17 extractor done

Windsor (Vendor) 2008.02.28

By Harts Systems Ltd. 2008-03-04 vendor done

Zangle (Data Extractor)

By C Innovation, Inc. 2013-10-01 extractor done

Zangle (Manual Extracts)

By C Innovation, Inc. 2007-09-06 export done

Total found: 77